Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mass Blogging

I was going to call this post Freezing My Mass Off, but decided to go with the title you see because this is my blog and I'll do whatever I want with it, thank you very much.

I am back down in not-so-sunny Florida after having spent the weekend in Massachusetts for a reunion, of sorts. Florida is much warmer this week than it was when I first arrived. Today I wore shorts and walked around the house barefoot all day. My toes would have gotten frost bite if I did that last week.

angelo villagomezIt was really cold in Massachusetts on the day we left; It was cold enough for snow. I'm not wearing a jacket in this photo because I am still on the back porch of Sharon and Bob's house. Am I brave or what?

It snowed about 4 inches the night before we left. I woke up to the sound of Uncle Bob clearing the snow from his driveway with his snowblower. What does it require to remove 4 inches of snow? An industrial snowblower, that's what!

Molly took us to the airport in Boston, but before we left Worcester she took us for a short spin around the old neighborhood.

angelo villagomez childhood houseThis is the house I grew up in. When I was little it didn't have the white picket fence, railings on the porch, or new siding. Missing, however, were two giant oak trees in the backyard. One of those trees supported my treehouse. Yes, Alex, I said MY treehouse. I miss my tree house. I also miss being young enough to have a tree house.

freeland street schoolThis is my Kindergarten, Freeland Street School. It is down the street from Sharon's house and I can remember walking there every day with the kid who lived across the street. I don't remember his name.

st peter marian central catholic elementaryThis is my old elementary school. It is also my Mom's old school. When she went there it was called St. Peter's. When I went it was called Worcester Central Catholic. Today it is called St. Peter-Marian Central Catholic. I went here from 1st - 7th grade and walked to school everyday rain or shine or snow.

st peters worcesterThis is our old church where I received my first holy communion, St. Peters. Come to think of it, my mom and her siblings and most of my cousins probably received their first holy communions here, too. This is the church where I figured out I was color blind. The priest said something about looking up at the blue ceiling and when I looked up I saw a white ceiling. I asked my Mom about it and she said I was just color blind like my grandfather.

maranville little leagueThis is my old little league, Maranville. I loved baseball, but hated my coach, Steve Lobo. I think he hated me, too, because I really, really sucked. There was a bare minimum all youth players had to play, two innings on the field and one at bat. Every single game I played exactly two innings on the field and got one at bat. Thanks, Steve, you've scarred me for life.

When we got to Boston Molly and Mom dropped me at the New England Aquarium while they went out for lunch. Kit Porter used to take Alex and me to the aquarium when we were little and it has got to be at least 20 years since I was there last.

penguinIt was just as enjoyable as an adult as it was when I was a kid.

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-Chelle-Ann- said...

this post hit home.

It made miss home as well... haha... But Philippines is way different than Florida.

I'll be going home for good on summer... I hope I will have time to reminisce the way you did when I come back and before I have my life back on track.