Thursday, February 18, 2010

Destination Saipan

Destination Saipan advertisementAbout Destination Saipan Marketing, Inc. (DSM)

Who We Are

Destination Saipan Marketing (DSM) is a full service tourism company engaged in destination enhancement and development, tour marketing, tour booking and a range of accommodation options and tour activities. We market our own as well as other service providers' products to potential tourism clients worldwide. These products include accommodations, adventure tourism, eco-tourism, marine activities, trekking, and the full range activities available on Saipan, Tinian and Rota.

Why Book With Us?

It's simple. We know Saipan. We assess each request for a quote on an individual basis. Have kids? Traveling alone? Need a kitchen? Have a job lined up? Need to be close to a school? Speak Russian? Each of those can affect what we recommend as the best hotel, home, and activities for you. We have tour guides from different backgrounds. We know the lay of the land. We know what others have appreciated about their stay on Saipan, so we strive to make your stay as unique and as comfortable as possible.

Our Mission

To help you discover Saipan, and redefine the tourist and new resident experience on Saipan.

What makes DSM Unique
  • We guarantee our clients a safe, fun time in the care of fully compliant, certified, insured providers.
  • We offer a unique "Saipan Unseen" alternative to the same old "hotel & pool" experience.
  • We give you our unique personal touch
Contact Destination Saipan Marketing

Destination Saipan Marketing, Inc. may be contacted at:

And for 1001 reasons to discover Saipan, visit!

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