Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Famous Chamorro People

The 2000 United States Census reported 135,233 Chamorros living in the United States (58,240), Guam (61,922), and the Northern Mariana Islands (15,071). That’s not a lot of Chamorros. I remember my father telling me as a young boy that Chamorros were an endangered species. Why, there are more living African Elephants than there are living Chamorros.

Chances are you’ve never even heard of a Chamorro, never mind a famous Chamorro person. I am going to change that. Right here, right now on this very blog you are reading I am going to create the definitive list of famous Chamorro people. I will start with 8 famous Chamorros, but this list is by no means complete. If there is a famous Chamorro person out there, living or dead, that deserves inclusion on this list, please make a suggestion and I will add them depending on how convincing you are or how much you pay me (I am willing to accept beef jerky as payment).

So here we go, the most famous of the famous Chamorros:

Angelo OConnor Villagomez
Angelo Villagomez – Environmentalist, Blogger, and Male Model

That’s me! Come on, did you really think I wouldn’t include myself on this list? This is my blog, after all. I’m an environmentalist and blogger from the island of Saipan. I ran for Mayor once…and lost. I haven't really done much else except for clean some beaches and help protect some fish and the only reason I’m even on this list is because Brad Ruszala, Saipan’s only celebrity, isn’t Chamorro.

jimmy dee
Jimmy Dee – Entertainer

Anyone who introduces themselves as [Insert Name], International Superstar deserves to be on this list. Do I have any of this guy’s albums? No. Have I ever seen him perform in person? No. Do I dig his Vegas leisure suit on Youtube? Hell, yeah!

hurao and matapang kill diego luis de san vitores
Mata’pang and Hurao – Warrior Chiefs

Mata’pang (right) and Hurao (left) were two Chamorro chiefs from the 1600s who led an insurgency against the disease infested invading Spanish missionaries (the history books prefer to say that they murdered a priest). They vanquished the first Christian missionaries on Guam, Spanish priest Diego Luis de San Vitores and Pedro Calungsod, martyrs whom have since been beatified by the Catholic Church.

Hurao is famous for giving a speech in 1671 denouncing the Spanish occupation and for centuries has served as a symbol of freedom and anti-colonialization.

frank the crank camacho

Frank "The Crank" Camacho – MMA Figher
Frank Camacho is an MMA figher born on Guam, raised on Saipan, and now training on the East Coast. My friend Diana Felix had the hots for him, but don’t tell anybody.

john hattig

John Hattig – Athlete
John Hattig was the first Chamorro to play Major League Baseball. In fact, I think he’s the only Chamorro to ever play Major League Baseball. He might be the only Chamorro to ever appear on a baseball card (or 10), too, which I think is even cooler.

And that’s the list of famous Chamorros. Are there any glaring omissions?


bradinthesand said...

One of these days I've got to get the title of "Honorary Chamorro" or something.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Elvis, mentioned to me that he was 2/3rds Chamorro. He also said he was a fan of my tin foil hat and that he enjoyed smoked whale meat, peanut butter and papaya sandwiches.

My vote however must reside with Alexia Lei as best of the list thus far. I believe the correct terminology is hubba hubba.

iPhone said...

Pia Gillan, Guam Girl, who's a pro dancer for the Seattle Seahawks.

Tony Babauta, appointed by Pres. Obama to Assistant Secretary of Dept. of Insular Affairs.

kirida said...

What about Leilani Duenas who was in Playboy's College Girls Special Edition?

And what about Mona Concepcion Hickey who was the 1,000th blogger to use the pre-Google Blogger platform? Though she will never be in playboy or any of its offshoots.

The Saipan Blogger said...

That's four more famous Chamorros. Any others?

Jeff said...

Holani Smith.

Isa said...

Reina Yumul

illustrationISM.... said...

What about KIM SANTOS?
Miss World 1980!!!

Ikarus said...

Hopefully when I get famous I could add myself on the I'm Black/Cherokee/Chamoru.....crazy mix, I know. I grew up in Guam half my life.

HashBud said...

Add Mona Roberts to the list. Successful female bodybuilder in thye 80s, personal trainer, former owner for the Gold Gym on Guam... and she also capitalized on her bod and did a lot of nude/erotic photo shoots for her own adult web site for a while. I got many of those pictures!!!!

Marianas Eye said...

Shawn Nicklaw and Ryan Guy, both professional soccer players, who are Chamorros but don't have Chamorro names.

Ryan Terrell said...

Chris (Unchangco) "Boomer" a Guam boy who made a name for himself singing Reggae and his popularity is ever growing around the world and also did a few songs with Soja

The Goodly Tree said...

Larry Atoigue- Grew up in DC Area, but parents straight outta Guam (still got their accents)

NY artist who sells out exhibits and his clientele includes P.Diddy and Jay.Z... his clothing designs were seen all over MTV and BET a few years ago.

his webstore

just google "lawrence atoigue" "naturel"

Kim Castro said...

Teresa Garrido Roberts, Author of The Island Calls