Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mainland Fish Prices

The fish sold on Saipan is extremely underpriced; Nothing goes for more than $5/lb. The cheapest fish sold on the side of the road, skipjack tuna, is usually about $1-$2/lb while the reef fish and deep sea fish usually go for a little more. The 58-pound napoleon wrasse killed by those tourist spearfishermen last year sold for $2/lb, the price of a half day of diving.

Compare the price of fish sold on the roadsides of Saipan to the fish sold in grocery stores in Orlando:

mahi mahi fish pricesMahi mahi fillet is being sold for $16.65/lb at my local grocery store, nearly 10x the price on Saipan.

tuna sushi pricesTuna is being sold in Orlando for $27.77/lb. Sure, these are retail prices, but you don't have to be a fisheries scientist or wholesaler to admit that there is a huge discrepancy between the prices.

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