Saturday, February 27, 2010

Robinson Crusoe Island Rocked by Massive Wave

tsunami forecast mapIt has been confirmed that the 8.8 Chilean earthquake generated a tsunami.
A 3-meter tsunami wave hit on Saturday the Robinson Crusoe island, the largest in the Chilean Juan Fernandez archipelago, following a powerful earthquake which struck Chile earlier in the day, the country's president, Michelle Bachelet, said.

"A village on the island is half-flooded, people have been evacuated to higher elevations," the president said, adding there had been extreme damage from the tsunami.
The map above is a forecast map for the tsunami. The area in red is where it is expected to be really bad.


Billie said...

Thanks for the updates of the tsunami. You're the only person reporting about Saipan. Amazing!

Tess said...

Thank you very much Angelo. We miss you