Monday, March 08, 2010

New Toys

schwinn ranger mountain bikeI splurged yesterday and bought myself some new toys. My first purchase was a new mountain bike! I haven't owned a bike since high school and I am totally stoked. I took it for a spin today and went to see my (former) academic advisor at Rollins. It was great riding through the old neighborhood.

I finally got a phone, too. I bought a Motorola Devour, the phone Megan Fox hawked during the Super Bowl. The phone has MOTOBLUR, which I like because it integrates MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter into one place on the phone. It let's you update all three at the same time with the touch of a button and tracks messages from all three social networking sites, Gmail, and texting in one place. My only complaint is that the camera sucks.

I'll probably start complaining when I get the first bill.

I also bought some new socks and dog treats to send to Saipan, but they're not as fun to play with as a bike or a phone.

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