Wednesday, May 05, 2010

BP Scientists inspired by Simpson's Movie 'Trappuccino'; Choose Option 4

In the 2007 film The Simpsons Movie, Homer Simpson creates an environmental disaster when he dumps a silo full of pig feces into Lake Springfield. The head of the EPA presents President Schwarzenegger with five options to deal with the catastrophe; the president chooses Option Four. Springfield is encased in a giant glass dome and plans are made to blow up the city.

trappuccinoHilarity ensues.

Two weeks ago an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico operated by BP exploded and sank. Every day since 200,000 gallons of crude oil have poured into the Gulf's marine environment.

The federal government and BP are doing everything they can do minimize the damages; BP has hired 700 fishing vessels to place floating barriers around the oil and the Coast Guard is on the scene. Even so, they are finding it very difficult to stop the oil from gushing out of the oil well. Remotely operated vehicles have been dispatched to the site of the three separate leaks and are feverishly trying to close down the leaks.

Meanwhile, BP has come up with a plan: they are going to go with Option Four. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, they are going to drop a giant dome on top of the leak:

gulf of mexico domeThanks to Al Jazeera for the video and graphic.


Carl M. said...

Al Jazeera has an iPhone app that lets you stream their TV channel for free and it's surprisingly good.

The Saipan Blogger said...

I've never watched Al Jazeera. I've stayed at hotels where it played, but I've never had a TV package that had it.

I came across this video because it was a featured video on Youtube.