Friday, May 21, 2010

Joe Camacho: Disrespectful to War Heroes

joe camacho for congressIn 1944, 2,949 young Americans soldiers sacrificed their lives during the invasion of Saipan. Another 10,364 were wounded.

Nearly 66 years later the Covenant Party held a campaign rally for their candidate for United States Congress, Joe Camacho, in the national park dedicated to those war heroes. After their rally the Covenant Party didn't clean up after themselves and left behind empty beer cans and a mountain of trash that took park rangers nearly two hours to clean.

Some, including Senior Judge John C. Coughenour of the U.S. District Court, would call this a sign of "disrespect."

saipan angeloI am still amazed that Joe Camacho let this go to court. His campaign manager, the individual actually charged with the crime of littering, should have plead guilty, apologized profusely, paid his fine and then he could have moved on with his life and the campaign. Instead they decided to enter a plea of not guilty.

During the trial Camacho claimed that the campaign rally was nothing more than a family gathering, but the prosecution was able to counter that claim with photos the Camacho campaign had posted on Facebook. It speaks to one's character how they behave when they get caught in a lie. Camacho continued to lie. In a statement to the media Camacho said, "“We presented our case that we were invited guests to a family gathering at Micro Beach and that it was not an official campaign activity and unfortunately the court did not find it in our favor."

Yet the online album with the photos on Camacho's Facebook has this:
Surrounded by hundreds of family and supporters, Governor Fitial spoke first asking all to join him in supporting and voting for Joseph Norita Camacho, Covenant Candidate for U.S. Delegate. Other speakers at the gathering were Lt. Governor Eloy Inos, Covenant Party President Gregorio “Kachuma” Camacho, Committee to Elect Chairman Felix Nogis, Vice Speaker Daling Ogumoro, former Speaker Pedro Deleon Guerrero, and Office of Carolinian Affairs Angie Iginoef Mangarero.

“We need a Delegate that can work with the local leaders of the CNMI” said Delegate Candidate Joseph Camacho “The Delegate should be working closely with the Administration, the Legislature as well as the Municipal governments to fully understand what is needed from Washington DC.” Camacho added that “When the Delegate spends his time taking credit for work he didn’t do or when the Delegate attacks the administration in a silly attempt to garner votes, all these unproductive actions only waste time instead of working towards making the lives of the people better.”
While families were there and this was undoubtably a gathering, Camacho's words and the photos on Facebook sure make this "family gathering" look like a campaign rally.

Would it have been so hard to have a cleanup committee? For a rally in a national park? Dedicated to the American war heroes who liberated your island from the Japanese during World War II?


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