Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Transformers 3: Worst Movie Ever

Because this is my blog I am allowed to skip around from the environment, to immigration, tubby politicians and on to Transformers 3.

So I know the volcano in Iceland is shutting down airports again and Greece is still a mess and people are dying in the streets of Bangkok and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues to get worse every day and Sarah Palin keeps on saying "you betcha," and the stock market is down 500 points from its 30 day high, but a real tragedy was announced today.

Megan Fox has been dropped from Transformers 3.

megan foxLook, I know she sold me the Worst Phone Ever, but I'd be willing to look beyond that if she made another film where her main role is to run away from Decepticons in high definition super slow motion.

Now that that isn't going to happen, there is absolutely no need for Michael Bay to make Transformers 3. He should end production right now. Nobody is going to want to see a stupid movie with crappy graphics and even worse story line if Megan Fox isn't on screen every few minutes. Why anybody would want to watch a movie about Transformers if Megan Fox isn't running away from them is beyond me.

I may have to start a petition or a boycott or something.

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