Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Walt's not lost, he's on Isa Drive!

walt lostLost fans are scouring the Internet trying to figure out what happened to Walt from LOST. Well, I found him on Isa Drive!

Those are the two newest blogs on the Saipan scene. Remember when the Saipan blogosphere exploded in 2007? Then Jeff Turbitt outed Lil' Hammerhead and Bruce Bateman outed Pragmatic Plato and the blogs died (I think the rise of Facebook and microblogging had something to do with the demise of blogging, too).

In three short years, however, the people of Saipan effectively increased by 100 fold the amount of information about Saipan appearing on the Internet. Visit We Love Saipan and the Master List for links to nearly 200 blogs and websites about Saipan.

Remember when there was just one?

Good job, everybody.

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