Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What is Joe thinking?

joe camacho for congressSo Joe Camacho, the beefcake pictured above, is running for Congress. He's the Covenant Party candidate. A few weeks ago he threw himself a birthday party at American Memorial National Park and didn't clean up afterwards. He just left all the trash on the ground. His campaign manager, Felix Nogis, was the one who reserved the space and was the one cited for littering. Oh yeah, photos are posted on Facebook, too.

The littering took place in a national park, so it is being prosecuted in federal court. The first hearing was yesterday. Camacho was the attorney representing his campaign manager, Nogis. Nogis entered a plea of "not guilty."

Camacho's public relations strategy is to claim that Nogis is innocent until proven guilty. That's a great defense. Timothy McVay, Jack Abramoff, and Charles Manson were also innocent until proven guilty. And then they were proven guilty. Now that I think of it, Fitial's Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce were innocent until proven guilty, too. And then they were proven guilty of conspiracy, theft, and wire fraud.

I have some free campaign advice for Joe Camacho and Felix Nogis. If they had any brains they would follow these simple recommendations:


The longer this is dragged out the more it is going to harm Camacho's campaign.

Since most Covenant party members do the opposite of what would be smartest thing, I expect Camacho will try to drag this out past the election.


Niana Dela Cruz, SON! said...

Hey Manjello, just to clear it up. Camacho was invited by ANOTHER FAMILY to a picnic, it was not a political meeting. Many other people close to the family were invited also. Trash on the ground is NEVER justified under ANY circumstance. Growing up, i chose Joe Camacho to be my Godfather by confirmation for wholesome reasons, and being a recent addition to his family i have learned that they DO NOT tolerate any type of littering. Even a popsicle wrapper on the indoor kitchen table for a second. It also was NOT his birthday nor his event. Before we even had a chance to finish our side, this included Nogis offering our team to clean up from the beginning to avoid any conflict, the ranger had written up and walked away. Keeping the world clean shouldn't ever be he should, she should, and I see the bullshit too, but this round, the bullshit is on the other side.

Stay Golden Pony Boy'

The Saipan Blogger said...

Hey DJ,

Nogis was cited the day after the party, not the day of the party. Homeboy should just pay the fine and apologize. Worst case scenario for Joe (best case for the other three candidates) is that this drags out until November 2.

bigsoxfan said...

I stopped by your site expecting to find something related to Miss America and pole dancing, instead I find this picture? What the heck, where are your priorities, who is going to pay for Joe c's extra seat to DC and back, and is it so hard to bring a couple of trash bags along with the barbque? I expect both Joe C and yourself do do better next time.

Jeff said...

Does it matter if it's a family gathering, really? What a disgrace. I wouldn't let me first grader get away with that.