Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dick Steele

The Republican Party of the Northern Mariana Islands announced today that Republican National Committee Chairman Richard Steele plans on traveling to Saipan to campaign for the Republican candidate for US Congress, Juan Babauta.

Richard Steele?

Who the hell is Richard Steele?

I thought the RNC Chairman was Michael Steele? You know, the guy who used donor money to pay for lesbian strippers.


Saipan Writer said...

Michael Steele likes to travel. He likes nice hotels and strip clubs--well at least for somebody.

He's coming to Saipan where he can satisfy his tastes. Should be right up his alley.

But if I were Babauta, I'd wouldn't be so keen. We're already fed up with candidates who like travel too much and spend lavishly.

The Saipan Blogger said...

People who can read are fed up with those candidates. The rest are willing to turn a blind eye as they wait their turn.