Friday, June 11, 2010

Great Feedback

Yesterday I sent the Under the Pala Pala list a sneak peak at my upcoming book, Battle for the Mariana Trench. I really appreciate everyone who has given feedback. Here are just a few:
"I like it. I cannot wait to read your book."

"Thanks for sharing. Actually, it sounds like most families or at least I should say mine."

"I like it! Easy to read and fun. I would find the middle name of Jack Villagomez and print it! That'd be great! All would know of the deception."

"I like it. It explains a lot of the stuff that we see as mainlanders. Anytime you write or publish make sure that you consider/evaluate your audience - who would be interested? Who would buy it? In your case, if you get every member of the family to buy a book, you would be on the way to the bestseller list!"

"Good one!"

"I've lived here over 45 years and I am still very puzzled as to the motivation of this society at large. It's obvious that familial relationships play a large role in societal interactions. It's also obvious that the society seems to stagnate when the family attempts to address any dilemma outside of the family relationship. A vision of themselves as members of anything larger than their culture or clan, i.e. the human race, seems a difficult concept to assimilate among the Chamorros and Carolinians. You are in a unique position to attempt to explain the social forces that cause action or inaction on the part of the members of this society. I wish you good luck."

"Interesting and enjoyable article or I should say chapter. Family history, relations and genealogy are in order and I am surprised you manage to keep it straight."

"I cannot wait for your book!"

"I was going to ask you how your book was coming along, and I was wondering what it was all about. I'm looking forward to reading it"

"Looks pretty interesting. Good Luck!"

"This is the kind of stuff that needs to be written and printed. Publications such as these, if properly maintained in the archives, give future historians the opportunity to “touch” the people. May I suggest that you expand on your family section, if you have geneology, to describe some of the origins of the Villagomez family."
I am not going to publish any portions of my book on this blog. If you want to get a sneak peak, you will have to sign up to Under the Pala Pala, or purchase the book when it is released..

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