Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tourists are still killing fish

bumphead parrotfishHow do you feel when tourists visiting Saipan post pictures of themselves killing rare charismatic megafauna? This green humphead parrotfish is listed as a species of concern by the National Marine Fisheries Service. It's not officially endangered, but ask yourself this, how many of these babies have you seen in the Saipan Lagoon recently?

It is one thing for a local to catch this fish using local methods, but for a Japanese dive shop owner to charge a tourist to board a dive boat to go spear fishing? That doesn't sit well with me.

Just like the Napoleon Wrasse Troy Williams sold to a Garapan chinese restaurant for $1/pound, I'm sure this fish sold for all of $50. Maybe $60.

Tourists who kill rare species during their vacation on Saipan hereby make the official Saipan Blog Asshole List.


The Saipan Blogger said...

The dive shop owner who did this is the same guy who was feeding sharks in the Grotto. A real great guy.

Deece said...

Wow, this is terrible. We need more regulations - enforced regulations - over our waters. A friend of mine was telling me about how strict it is in Palau. And not only by the government, but by the people too.

The Saipan Blogger said...

I have no problem with tourists going spearfishing, but to take a dive boat to a dive spot and kill the big stuff that the divers want to see is wrong.

Deece said...


dive said...

Yes, I am the Japanese dive shop owner.
This photo is not tourist and not from Saipan. Friend of mine stayes outer island of Palau and he caught the fish there and send me the photo.

I am pretty unhappy when you guys take a photo from my blog without asking any permission and states with wrong information.
if you have any problem, just call me. Don't make up story behind.Lucky I have a friend tell me about this cause if not, I will never knew this.

In addition, we are limitting our catch also species.

The reader should be careful with this guy, who not able to read what I am wiriting.

dive said...

One more thing, We have never take spearfishing customer on the dive boat.

I'm wondering how you could come with full of wrong information and publicily on your "Most popular blog(Even though I didnt know)"without checking if its true.

Just apologize, Angela.

By the way, one of long time captain here told me that you were almost drown with Scuba tank in Managaha surface and you blame the boat captain/crew, That's doesn't sit well with me.

And he also told me that when he ask you "How can you be so aggressive about fishing even you are don't fish?" You said "Protecting CNMI enviroment gives me money(Grant)."

Now I see the whole pictures.

If you really want to protect the ocean, why don't you go to gulf of Mexico and help them clean up? For the ocean, It's a worst thing in human history is happening right next to you, Florida boy.

The Saipan Blogger said...

That Managaha story doesn't even make sense. The only people who scuba dive at Managaha are tourists...and it's a shore dive. A. I'm not a tourist. B. There is no crew for a shore dive. C. If I thought I was going to drown at Managaha, I'd just stand up. D. I've swam from Saipan to Managaha and back before.

Why am I so aggressive about fishing? First of all, I've been the first in line to stand up for indigenous fishing.

And maybe it's because I remember what Saipan used to be like, something you wouldn't understand. I've taken the time to sit down with older uncles and cousins and they told me what it was like decades before I was even born. My starting point for what Saipan should look like is as far off from what is natural as today is from what I remember as a kid.

Saipan has lost so much and in losing a part of the her natural wonder, the people lose a part of their identity. If the indigenous people consider themselves the taotao tano, what does it say about them when the tano is no longer what it used to be?

You've been one of the worst stewards of Saipan's marine environments over the years, from feeding sharks in the Grotto mere feet from where children swim, to killing the biggest, oldest fish as part of your recreation and business.

Inventing stories, feminizing my name, and referring to my age only make you and your friends look like bigger assholes than you really are.

And I've seen photos of you taking customers up to the northern islands, so I call shenanigans on that claim.

dive said...

Well, I aready wrote you twice not to make up stories without truth, hope this 3rd one is the last time.

I have never take customers up to the northern islands.They are customer/friends of other dive shop and I invited by boat as a fishermen. I catch the fish, boat crew cooked them and served to the tourist divers. I didnt catch any biggest or oldest or rare speiceis and not receiving even a penny. Fishing is my passion and part of my life. What's wrong with that to you?

I dont like to fight, Angelo.Especially just on line with my second language.Your blog reader may also not so happy when you write bad words.

I am tiring of your make-up stories to correct one by one, trying to lead badly for me,
It's a waste of my time and I don't have interesting with your blog. I just needed to check because you are keep on giving wrong information to the public and never have corrected.

About Managaha story, the captain told me that was boat dive.You cant stand up in 20 feet of water. If you want, I can set you up with him when you are coming to Saipan next time.

Since you are the one who started with my picture with wrong information, why cant you concludes this?

While you are in Florida and doing internet serching to pick up my photo, the worst stewards conducting Beach/Bottom clean up, teaching local kids how to skindive and fish, finding new dive spots for both locals/tourists and representing CNMI for Micro Game in spearfishing.

Even though you have to do this to me for the big money, I will not giving up what I am doing for the CNMI.

And...You are not responding anyth
ing except Managaha thing.

Despara said...

Humphead Parrot fish destroy coral though.