Friday, August 20, 2010

Ramon Garrido Villagomez for Senate

ramon g villagomezScott Russell at Northern Mariana Islands Council for the Humanities emailed me this campaign ad from the Marianas Variety. It is from when my father ran for office in 1979. I am less than one year old in this photo and both my parents were younger than I am now. I used the same photo in one of my campaign ads when I ran for Mayor of Saipan last year:

angelo villagomez for mayorThe photo didn't work for my father and it didn't work for me. We both lost. Oh, well. But apparently my step-mother gets a migraine whenever she hears mention of my mother, or for that matter, me. Rumor has it that she canceled her subscriptions to the Marianas Variety and the Saipan Tribune because I was buying so much ad space and getting so much earned media during last year's campaign. So feel free to share this link with her.

On a side note, in that campaign my father's opponent was none other than Froilan Tenorio. Froilan won the senate seat, went on to become governor, and is now the speaker of the House of Representatives. On the other hand, my father never ran for office again. Almost everyone I talk to agrees that he planned on running for governor, but he died young.

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Oleg said...

Dear Angelo,

It is so pity to hear that more and more regular people on Saipan give up the politics and move on with their lives. It is very frustrating picture, you, Tina, Salas, Blailock left the political stage. Russian say Holly place is never empty. It is so true. Now Power Holders lost any shame. Probably you heard about the 2011 Budget. With no bothering voice on the radio senators bluntly state that increase in their discretional funds is the “good investment”. They are more as sure that nobody can see or understand what they are doing.
I am very curious when politicians became so arrogant?
Probably, the picture you posted was the beginning of that process. 
Take care,