Friday, January 14, 2011

NOAA Chided for Misleading Report

From Ruth Tighe:
Guam's scare story about marine protected areas causing more Guam fishermen to drown is a scurrilous piece of sabotage put out - no surprise - by the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council. MPAs serve to increase the number of fish in a [usually depleted] area over time. The deaths occurred because the fishermen began diving in more dangerous waters along Guam's eastern shore, not because the MPAs were established. There is no record of whether the fishermen attempted to negotiate with the agencies that imposed the MPAs to provide them with more range for their fishing. Nor is there any indication of whether the fishing was done for subsistence, or for commercial sales.
I don't think anyone who isn't on WESPAC's payroll has said anything good about the findings of this mostly made-up report. Total garbage. Will someone tell John Boehner that Kitty Simonds is blowing taxpayer money on this crap?

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