Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ikelite AF35 Strobe Kit

whitetip reef shark
I'm traveling again for a few more weeks, thus the dearth of regular blog postings.  Will I post or won't I post more?  Depends.


I bought myself a new toy right before I left, an Ikelite Autoflash AF35 strobe kit for my underwater housing (I use a Canon PowerShot SX210IS with the corresponding Ikelite housing).

I'm no professional photographer, but I'd say it helps take better photos. This whitetip reef shark agrees.  I put the Ikelite AF35 on The Saipan Blog recommended product list (if there was one).

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Tamagosan said...

Great reef shark! I've been (underwater) cameraless, and trying to justify the case that costs more than my camera... Hmm...