Saturday, March 26, 2011

Suva City Saturday Market

suva city fiji market
I was going to call this post Island Abundance, but went with the more descriptive Suva City Saturday Market. Click on the photo to pull up a larger version.

Saturday is the big market day in Suva City. I think there are vendors there every day, but on Saturday mornings the offerings spill out onto the sidewalk.

As I type this I am wondering to myself why I didn't take more photos of the fruit. I picked up a pair of what we call atis on Saipan. The internet calls it sugar apple . The scientific name is Anona squamosa. It has been years since I've eaten one of these, and since I no longer live on Saipan I couldn't resist.

I also bought a small bunch of bananas that were about the girth and length of a burrito from Chipotle. [Insert inappropriate joke here].

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