Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Juvenile Longfin Spadefish

This juvenile longfin spadefish (Platax teira) was ducking around the rocks at Cemetery Reef in the Rock Islands of Palau last month. The adult version of this species is one of my favorite fish to see underwater -- saw a bunch in the Philippines last year -- that is until I saw this juvenile. Sadly there aren't too many of these fish around Saipan these days because Saipan is horribly overfished.

In fact, with all the traveling I've done lately, and seeing how other islands across the Pacific still have reef fish, I've come to the conclusion that the Division of Fish and Wildlife's failure to manage the fishery on Saipan is criminal. I saw 10 Napoleon wrasse on a single dive in Majuro last month, and in four years of diving on Saipan I've only seen one. Shame, shame, shame on them.

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