Sunday, September 11, 2011

Damn You, Tropical Storm Lee

Getting home from work took two and one half hours on Thursday. The Metro was typically busy for rush hour, but it was pouring rain when I got to my stop and it took about 30 minutes just to get out of the parking lot.  When I got home around 8 PM, I put a frozen pizza in the oven and then trudged down to my man cave, where I was greeted with about three inches of standing water.

One section of my basement apartment is two staircases lower than the rest and it was filled with fresh rainwater from Tropical Storm Lee.  Damn you, Tropical Storm Lee!

These are not my feet, by the way.  My toes are painted blue.
This was not a pleasant development.  Luckily, my roommate's boyfriend is one of those people who has every tool Home Depot ever thought to market, so within 30 minutes he came over with not just one, but two, water pumps.  One pump was attached to a hose, which we let run into a sink.  The other was a vacuum with a 4-gallon hold.  We emptied it 40 times before I lost count.

And that was three days ago.  We have since water vacuumed and steam vacuumed the carpet with a lemon fresh smelling carpet cleaner.  Some of my furniture is damaged and I lost a dvd player, a desktop computer, some old photos, and some personal belongings that had no value to anyone but me (my ninja turtle decoder ring!).  Well, actually I lost some of the Friends of the Monuments original petitions.  I'm still hoping they'll dry out, but they are going to look smudged.

But I didn't get it that bad.  The Washington Post reported that three people died in related flooding and that lots of people had sewer water and mud in their basements.  All in all I consider myself lucky.  Once everything dries out I just have to put my man cave back together.

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