Saturday, September 03, 2011

Oldy But Goody

I was looking through some photo albums today and came across this gem.  The people sitting in a circle are my relatives.  The four ladies on the right are my first cousins Andrea, Cindy, Matilde, and Andrea.  The kids filling out the circle are their children and grandchildren.  The person with the dress shirt and his hands in his pockets is the former director of CNMI Division of Fish & Wildlife.  He's wearing a button that says "NO PEW MONUMENT."  I'm standing in the back with Edz, orchestrating the whole thing.

Man, if photos could talk.  This was taken on October 20, 2008, the night the Bush White House held a public hearing on Saipan to gather testimony for what was then a proposed monument.  This circle of orange shirts is one of 13 spread around the room.  The public hearing was held in the conference center at Fiesta Resort in the ballroom where Brad and Kathy just had their wedding reception.

I love the look on the former director's face.

"oh shit."

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