Thursday, December 29, 2011 Wedding Registry

I made my first purchase on November 13, 2010.  I bought an Ikelite underwater housing for my Canon point and shoot camera.  I would have jumped on this bandwagon years ago, but I lived in Saipan for all those years and delivery was always a problem.  I once bought a few things from Cafepress in 2009 and I'm still waiting for them to arrive.

This year I went a little wild on Amazon, including having our wedding registered on their website.  Amazon lets you pick out what items you want, including items on other websites, and puts them all in one place where loved ones can just use a credit card or Paypal to pay for the gifts.  Then Amazon mails it directly to the bride and groom's door, complete with a personal note and optional gift wrapping, I think.

I'm no wedding planner (obviously), but I think Amazon has the best wedding registry service out there.  You can pick items with a range of price ranges from anywhere that sells online.  And then afterwards they email you the addresses for the thank you cards.  It couldn't be any easier.

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