Sunday, June 17, 2012

Books Read in 2012

In 2011, 2010, and 2009 I kept lists of all the books I read.  None of the lists were comprehensive, but it gives my readers (both of you), a sense of the crap I read.

King Rat
James Clavell
This is Clavell's first novel, based on his experience in a Japanese prisoner of war camp during World War II.

The Spirit of Semper Fidelis
Rick Spooner
U.S. Marine Rick Spooner's semi-fictional, first-person account of the invasions of Saipan and Tinian.

Noble House
James Clavell
After having read Shogun, Taipan, Gaijin, and King Rat, I just had to read Noble House.  It's a bit of a soap opera, but ties together characters from all of Clavell's Asian Saga novels, so it's kind of fun.

Chris Paolini
I read the first three, so I had to finish the series.  Eh.

The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins
After seeing the movie, I read the book.  The book is very similar.

Catching Fire
Suzanne Collins
And after reading the first book, I had to read the second.

The Master Blaster
P.F. Kluge
A fictional book based on the non-fictional island of Saipan.  It's like Arin Greenwood's book, but without all the angst.  Follows the Saipan-lives of four individuals who arrive on the same flight.  Also includes contract workers, not just expats and locals.  Catches the feel of the atmosphere that is modern day Saipan.  As an aside, the college has a new president in real life, not just the book.

King Larry
James Scurlock
This book sucked.  I kept wondering if the author had actually talked to anyone on Saipan outside the people in the expat bars.  Not worth reading.

The Boy Who Dreamed to be With His Parents on Saipan
Riza Ramos
A children's book written by a local contract worker.  A cute book, and a true story for thousands of children living here and abroad.

Suzanne Collins
I just had to read the final book after reading the first two.  I'm going to read the series again.


The Hobbit

World War Z

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