Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rollin' With the Homies Through Napa Valley

I'm always the guy with the camera.  No matter the situation, whether it's a soccer game, vacation, work function, or hanging around the house, I somehow always end up being the one taking all the pictures.  On top of that, my wife is Asian.  Therefore she makes sure the lens is focused on her at all times.

I hear, "Baby, take my picture," much more than I hear, "Baby, I love you" or "Baby, don't worry, I'll pick up your socks."  She also spends a lot of time harvesting her vegetables.

On Facebook.  And, no, I don't think you are supposed to pick the grapes off the vines in Napa Valley.

So anyway, I've had a demi-decade long Internet relationship with a certain West Coast blogger and on occasion we are able to get together and consume mass quantities.  Mostly of food, but we enjoy adult beverages when they are available.  This particular blogger, and his partner of two years, surprised Edz and I with a day in Napa riding inside an honest to goodness frickin' limo!  Happy belated wedding, indeed!  How awesome is that?

I think there are people that make careers at driving around Napa and giving their impressions about the grape juice that gets produced there.  I am not one of those people and this is not one of those blogs.  This was a straight up 10 hour booze cruise.  Please take your smooth oak finish and cork it!

However, like good little napasters we tasted and purchased bottles of our favorites.  I also purchased some overpriced kalamata olive tapenade for a grilled salmon I'll probably never make, and I'll get to the beef jerkey at the end.

We gorged at an Italian restaurant for lunch.  By this point I'd lost count of how much wine we'd had, but we still managed to polish off another bottle over our roasted pepper and caprese salad appetizer.

And then to put the icing on this happy belated wedding gift cake, we stopped at Angelo's Famous Beef & Turkey Jerkey.  And yes, they sell Boneless Stuffed BBQ Pigs Any Size.

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