Monday, September 03, 2012

Nice Tapenade

A green pepper, a red pepper, three ears of corn, and half a white onion sauteed in some butter are really delicious, unless your name is Edz.  The princess doesn't like onions and peppers and wouldn't eat my vegetable concontion.  I thought it was delicious, however.

H-Mart has the best selection of fish in Northern Virginia (including shark steaks, which may inspire me to start a petition).  This salmon steak only cost $5.  I cooked it with a few dashes of salt, pepper, oregano, and butter on broil.  Someone once told me the best way to cook fish is on high temperature.  Any thoughts?

Thus giving me reason to use my overpriced olive tapenade from Napa Valley.  Yum!

1 comment:

kirida said...

why would you ruin salmon with tapenade? I just hate olives, but everything else on the plate looks delicious!