Sunday, June 30, 2013

Halfway Through 2013

I'm on pace for my slowest year of blogging ever. Oh well, the blogger revolution is over. I'm just clinging on as everyone moves to Instagram. The days of thousands of readers per day have passed. Now I post mainly for my wife and my mother. Everyone else, what are you still doing here?

Reading Shark Stanley to kids at Pacific Harbour Multicultural School
It's the end of June and I've already amassed 80,000 frequent flyer miles this year.  The majority of the year so far has been spent either suffering or recovering from jet lag.  Not that I'm complaining.  I somehow landed the most amazing job;  I travel the world and work with brilliant people.

Look, it's a shark!
In January I went to Fiji as a facilitator of Pacific Shark School.  We arranged for shark conservation campaigners from Washington, DC, San Francisco, Saipan, Pohnpei, Kiribati, and Fiji to spend a week together learning sharks and environmental campaigns 101.

Shark Stanley's Homies
Edz came with me to New York and New Haven in February.  I was the master of ceremonies at Yale's Shark Stanley event (there was a fancier name).

I spent the first two weeks of March in Thailand with a dozen or two treehuggers at the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.  We protected a couple of sharks there.

Those aren't spirit fingers
A family emergency sent us to Florida for a week in April.  Everyone turned out to be ok and it ended up being a nice time catching up with the family, who I do not see enough.  I met Alex's youngest son Gabriel for the first time.

Notice I'm wearing my good zorries
I had four business trips in May.  My first stop was in Palau where I got to meet the President.  Tommy Remengesau is the inspiration for the Micronesia Challenge and I've been a fanboy for years.  When I moved to Saipan in 2006 people would tell me that I sounded like him.  Yeah, I only wish.

That stone coin is worth more than everything I own
Yap is about halfway between Palau and Guam, so on my way back home I made a pitstop to visit our partners there, and hopefully meet with the lt. governor.  The senate had passed a shark law two days before I arrived and the lt. governor was planning on signing it, so there wasn't much to do.  I got to meet and spend some time with our partners Andy and Jabo, which was great.

Some Pew Fellows
While I was in Palau and Yap, Edz was packing our things so that we could move.  I arrived home on a Thursday, we moved on Friday and Saturday, and I shipped off to Hawaii for a Pew fellows on Sunday.  Edz unpacked while I was gone.

I am also wearing my good zorries in this photo
I was only supposed to spend three days in Hawaii, but ending up having to go to Fiji with only three days worth of clothes instead.  I got to meet Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama at an event launching one of Air Fiji's new airplanes.

I am actually singing opera in this photo
Are you sick of the photos of me yet?  At the end of June it was back to Hawaii for the Association of Pacific Island Legislatures.  I worked with them to make a call for a Pacific Islands Regional Shark Sanctuary and to recognize the senators from Yap and Pohnpei whose laws were signed by their respective governors on Tuesday and Friday, respectively.  Respect.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I'm collecting donations for Marshall Islands drought relief

I ask for your help a lot, whether it's to plant trees, clean beaches, sign petitions, or help someone out who needs some helping. And right now there are some people in the Marshall Islands who really need your help, so I'm asking for it again. And no, it probably won't be the last time.


15 islands in the Marshall Islands have been experiencing drought conditions for the last several months and have run out of water. They are receiving international aid, but there is a role for the average person (that's you and me). I've partnered up with Women United Together in the Marshall Islands to purchase water, canned goods, and powdered milk. I told them I'd work with my friends to try to raise $1,000. I'm going to hand over the money at the end of this month.

I've set up an campaign to collect the money. Can you donate $5, the cost of a bottle of water?

Thanks again for your never ending support,