Monday, July 29, 2013

Stuck on Kwaj

The famous nurse sharks of Kwajalein
After three amazing shark dives last year with Shawn Heinrichs, I never thought I'd come back to Kwajalein, America's military outpost in the Marshall Islands..  And then the United Airlines airplane I was flying in to cross Micronesia broke and now I'm stranded here with a few score of my fellow passengers.  The airline says they are working on getting us a new plane and crew, but no word on how long that will take.  While I wait, please enjoy this photo I took last September.


We landed at 5:20 PM and the latest from United Airlines is that we'll leave at 4:30 AM.  Ugh, 11 hours in the Kwajalein airport "lounge."  We've been here four and a half hours so far.  They're feeding us peanuts, crackers, and sodas.  I've got my fingers crossed they'll bring us pizza.

And while I have the benefit of free Internet courtesy of the US military, here are some photos of Kwajalein sharks Shawn Heinrichs and I shot last September:

Friday, July 26, 2013

Celebrating 237 Years of Freedom

Flag pants are appropriate for celebrating Independence Day on the National Mall.
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, therefore this blog post is worth 6,000 words.  I wish I had know that in college.  My essays would have been a lot shorter.

Mom and Catie came up to DC for July 4th weekend.  We spent Independence Day exploring the National Mall.  We saw the diamonds at the National Museum of Natural History, oogled the first lady gowns at the National Museum of American History, and ate sushi in Chinatown.

Detroit Tigers hat photobomb. Yankees suck.
The day culminated with a concert and fireworks on the steps of the Capital Building.  We got there about half an hour before the show started, but still managed to find a decent seat on the grass.  If we stood on our feet we could sort of see the stage.

Seeing the fireworks for the trees.
Edz was very concerned that we wouldn't be able to see the fireworks.  Fireworks are in the sky, you just have to look up.  Our view was fine.

Remember when this blog was more than just a collection of photos?  Yeah, me neither.  I swear I think about things I'm going to sit down and write, I just somehow never seem to get around to doing it.  It makes we wonder how Kirida still manages to blog?  She's got a job, two kids, and has a budding stand up comedy career.  What do I do besides play video games and sit on airplanes between islands in the Pacific?  Oh, that's right.  That takes up most of my time.

Edz celebrated her first year of freedom in a pink shirt.
My job the last three years preempts we from writing about things that I do work.  Years ago this blog was all about tree plantings, beach cleanups, coral reefs, teaching kids stuff, and of course drinking beer, and Saipan bikini girls, lots of bikini girls.  It made you feel good and it looked great, the blogging equivalent of working out!

I don't write about my environmental initiatives anymore (at least on this blog) and the bikini girls don't want to hang out with me because I've morphed into the fat creepy old guy.  And my fat creepy old guy friends don't like having their pictures taken.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Doe, a Deer

A female deer.
I'm not sure what we planned on doing this weekend, but we didn't do it.  Instead we went on a monster bike ride.  Starting from our apartment in Southwest we rode to the Lincoln Memorial and then up and around the Capital Crescent Trail until we got to Rock Creek Park.  We rode around the park for a while until we found a nice grassy spot for a picnic.  And we made three friends, two deer and a rabbit.  All told I'm guessing we rode about 25 miles.