Thursday, October 17, 2013

He Died a Warrior's Death

Oreo Kenobi VillagomezSome of my reader's (both of you) may be wondering what ever happened to my dog Oreo. When I moved to the mainland in 2010, Oreo stayed behind with my then-girlfriend Edz. When my now-wife Edz moved to the mainland last year, we decided to leave Oreo with one of our friends. This friend had a young daughter who was enamored with Oreo.

Oreo and I have very similar personalities. We're both a little dumb, a little crazy, and think we can take on things much bigger than ourselves. In my life this has materialized as the longline fishing industry in Hawaii. For Oreo it was the neighbor's dogs.

A few months ago Oreo escaped from my friend's house and got into an altercation with the neighbor's two dogs. Oreo lost. Losing Oreo is sad, but not unexpected. Saipan is not a good place for dogs, especially super friendly fluffy white dogs.

I know Oreo had some fans out there, so I wanted to share this sad news with you.

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kirida said...

Oh I'm sorry Angelo. I loved pics of Oreo. What a sweet little dog.