Thursday, December 26, 2013

We're a Family Full of Tweeters

A couple of weeks ago I was reading the news about the shark cull in Western Australia and started tweeting out a bunch of things that are more likely to happen that be killed by a shark including this gem:
I came in just shy of 300 retweets with about 130 favorites. It was even retweeted by Kevin Bacon.

To celebrate Boxing Day, my wife, my sister, my niece, and I went to the Mall at Millenia where the girls ran into Instagram celeb Princess Lauren. This was apparently a big deal (and because I am blogging about it, I am apparently a giant husband/brother/uncle nerd). The hits are still coming in, but Catie's tweet got many more favorites than retweets, the inverse of my popular tweet (Princess Lauren is more popular than Kevin Bacon, after all). I thought the difference in the ratios of likes to favorites was strange, and if I had more free time to worry about things other than sharks I might actually do some research, but I have a hypothesis. Old people use Facebook, young people use Instagram, and they both use Twitter to syndicate their thoughts. Facebook has like, share, and comment functions, whereas Instagram only has like and comment. I hypothesize that the two groups of Twitter users are modeling their behavior after their respective use of Facebook and Instagram. The old people share and like, while the young people mostly like.

I asked my 14 year old sister what she thought about this and she said sharing and retweeting was, "Look, this is my life. I agree with this," whereas liking denotes, "This is cool." You heard it here.

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