Saturday, February 08, 2014

10 Years of February

The Saipan Blog will be 10 years old in December, although I've been blogging for just a little longer than that.  I posted 518 blogs in 2009, the year the monument was declared and the year I ran for mayor.  My posts have decreased steadily since then to a low of 79 last year.  My readership during that time has dropped from thousands per day to less than a hundred on most day.  My 10 Years in January post has less than 100 views as of this reading.  Undaunted by my unpopularity, I present 10 Years of February.

In February 2005 I wore a $540 Calvin Klein suit to an interview for a position with the JET Programme.  The rest of the month I was working at Roy's Restaurant slinging seafood.

In February 2006 I was unemployed by choice and spent most of my time exploring my little part of Japan.  I had something big brewing, meanwhile I went down to the ocean to look at boats and hopped the train to Kanazawa to look at trees.

Blogging was hot on Saipan in February 2007 and a group of us met regularly to discuss our hobby.  I was also interviewed about what life was like when I was in high school.  If I was old enough for a flashback in 2007, what am I now?  My weekends were spent cleaning beaches and playing soccer.

My career until this point involved selling food, knocking on doors, or picking up garbage.  And then Pew hired me to advocate for a large marine protected area.  I quickly became controversial.  I also had a new dog.

This was the first year I decided I was fat and tried to lose weight, a recurring event in my life now.  America had a new president and the Marianas had a new monument, but I was having a hard time realizing I had won.  Letting go of anger is hard.

A year after the monument was declared and the management plan and the visitors center were not yet reality.  Guam learned about it and started advocating for all jobs and construction to go to them instead.  Agnes and I went to Washington, DC to testify on behalf of the CNMI.

I went to Fiji for the first time in February 2011.  I spent more time in Guam than I ever have helping them to create their shark fin ban.  I also went to Saipan.

Three years after the monument declaration and I was still defending it.  Our good friend was murdered this month.  Edz and I organized a candlelight vigil for her.  The killer is currently in jail on an unrelated charge.

While Shark Stanley traveled the globe looking for friends to support his protection at CITES, I helped Cinta and Gus launch their album.  And I visited Fiji.

And this year I am in Fiji again, this time for a workshop with 11 governments from the region to provide training on how to implement the shark listings on the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna.

And that is 10 Years of February.  See you in March!

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