Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Selfies With Sylvia

I'm in Palau this week attending the 45th Pacific Islands Forum.  Presidents and prime ministers from across the Pacific are here to discuss issues of regional importance.  This year's highlight is ocean conservation.

And who better to serve as an advocate for the ocean than Dr. Sylvia Earle?  Dr. Earle has been here all week.  She gave a speech at an all day ocean's forum on Monday, and popped up at every event or meeting where the word ocean or conservation was spoken.  Last night my employer hosted an event on our brand of ocean conservation, and she spoke there as well.

At the opening event on Tuesday, the President of Palau gave the conservationists their own section with some of the best seats in the house.  As luck would have it, Edz was seated right next to Dr. Earle.

Edz tried to set a world record for being the person to take the most selfies with Dr. Earle.  She damn well may have succeeded.

Dr. Earle is just a few short weeks away from being a movie star.  Her film Mission Blue debuts on Netflix on August 15.

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