Thursday, September 04, 2014

Using Twitter Better

My employer has recently been encouraging staff to use Twitter. I've updated my Twitter profile to reflect this.
Godfather of the Mariana Trench Monument and Saipan's most popular blogger since ever since. @pewenvironment shark sanctuary manager since 2013. Tweets my own.
They also gave us a few tips on how to be more effective on Twitter.

They say that the most popular tweets, in descending order, have a photo, a fact, or a quote.

Photos work best when they are 2x1. The exact dimensions of the photo display in-stream are 440x220. This differs from Facebook, where the photos display as squares. I didn't know that until recently.

They also say that asking for a retweet is more effective when you ask for a "retweet" rather than an "RT."

And those are all the amazing Twitter facts I know.

Of course, the easier way to get more Twitter followers is to be really famous -- or even somewhat famous.

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