Monday, June 09, 2014

World Oceans Day by the Beach

The whole family is down in New Smyrna Beach for the week to celebrate Mom's 60th birthday.  We have two condos overlooking the Atlantic.

The wildlife at the beach is amazing.  Every morning dolphins swim just past the breakers looking for their breakfast.  Last night a turtle laid eggs right in front of where we are staying.

Speaking of beautiful creatures, Alex and I spent most of the day levitating up and down the beach.  I always find that floating a few feet above the ground is the preferred method of transportation, plus the view is great.

Shark fishing is a very popular sport along the beaches here.  There were about half a dozen of them out all day yesterday along our section of beach.  A young boy and his dad pulled in this blacknose shark late in the afternoon.  After a little trouble getting the hook out of his mouth, they released her unharmed.

Speaking of sharks, I was quoted in a media story on World Oceans Day.  Read the story and sign the petition, please.

We started the day off by playing soccer in the sand.  We stopped when Tiana busted my toe.  I'll be limping all week now.

We barbecued ribs and chicken in the evening.  There's no HBO here, so instead of watching Game of Thrones after dinner, I read Game of Thrones.  I'll watch the ninth and final episodes when we get back to DC next weekend.  I posted a few more photos (including an amazing singletasking photo) to Facebook.