Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton Wins Northern Mariana Islands

189 Democratic voters on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota went to the caucuses last night to cast their votes for President of the United States. Thanks to the Electoral College (the outdated method America uses to elect her presidents), the American citizens living in the Northern Mariana Islands (and other territories and Washington, DC) are unable to cast a vote for president. We do, however, get to send delegates to both conventions, and we get to vote on who those delegates should be committed to. The Republicans have been aligned with the national party for decades (Google Tom Delay, Jack Abramoff, and Saipan), but this is the first year the Democrats will send delegates to the convention.

And guess what? I'm going to be one of those delegates! 102 caucus goers voted for Hillary Clinton to 65 for Bernie Sanders. 22 were uncommitted. I'm one of the four pledged Clinton delegates. A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me last night!

Clinton can thank two people for her win: Delegate Greg "Kilili" Sablan and local attorney Janet King. Kilili endorsed Clinton in January and filmed an ad that ran on local TV. I could be wrong, but it looks like it was filmed in Janet's office with Janet's daughter (I'm not sure who made the cupcakes). Sablan is one of the most popular and effective politicians the Marianas have ever had. I mean, as in ever. And Janet is our consummate island girl next door and respected in our community as a successful lawyer. They have been organizing voters and were influential at the caucus.

The story was picked up by ABC, CNN, The Hill, Politico, Huffington Post, and Newser.

On another note, earlier in the day our young governor endorsed Donald J. Trump for President. The local Republicans caucus on March 15 -- and since they are a day ahead, the results will likely come in just as Florida and Ohio start voting (not suggesting this will influence the outcome, but all the news channels should be reporting our numbers all day).

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Award Winning Photographer

Edz entered this photo I took of her in Kauai last month into a contest and it was selected as a finalist in a national contest.  As a finalist I get a $500 gift certificate to American Eagle and get a chance to win a free trip to California.  How do I win the grand prize?  At the end of the month they are going to create a website where people can vote for their favorite finalist (I think my photo will be one of 40).  So stay tuned...