About Angelo

"Fresh-faced Angelo was an up-and-comer with a strong marketing instinct."
-- Outside Magazine

"Angelo is from Saipan. A small island in the chain of the American south Pacific territories called the North Mariana Islands. This is where Angelo grew up and faced many of the same challenges others have had on different islands and it is with this bond that Angelo forges strong relationships with various leaders in small island communities around the world to help implement shark protection such as fishing bans and marine protected areas."
-- Speak Up For Blue, Ocean Podcast

"Angelo Villagomez is a proven leader. We have seen him lead us to Beautify CNMI and to protect our priceless reef. He doesn't just talk the talk; he walks the walk. This is a young man with energy, ability, and a passion for serving this community."
-- Dianne Esplin, Saipan Voter

"Angelo’s managerial skills is evidently so broad that he could very well be an accomplished circus barker to an orchestrator of an inaugural ceremony, a facilitator to broad-based consensus-making to guiding the movement of a bill through the halls of a legislative body."
-- Jaime Vergara, Saipan Tribune columnist

"He (Angelo) is of course long transcended being a mere person but is instead a brand - and as such, he very much eludes definition! :)
Pointers for why I like him include smart, innovative, extremely well informed, analytical, pragmatic - and above all: very very witty!
Pointers for why he is actually an asshole controversial: all of the above!
And the performance?
Look no further than the rather epic rolling out of the Shark Stanley campaign for CITES, and the continued progress of Pew in closing down the Pacific to Shark fishing! Those are very much his babies - and whereas I have sometimes questioned his strategy and methods, the successes clearly speak for themselves!"
-- Mike Neuman, Fiji Shark Blogger

"Angelo has worked to support himself since he was in high school. He had a part-time job after school in high school, and also worked while he put himself through college for both of his college degrees. How do I know this? Because I am his mom, and back then as a single mother, I couldn't do it all on my own, and Angelo always helped out.  There may be an incorrect image out there of Angelo as someone who has been given everything in this life, but that is not true. He has had to work very hard for what he has, and as a result I know that he appreciates how hard most of us have to work to make it in this world."
-- My Mom, in response to a letter to the editor from a political opponent (Thanks, Mom)

"Angelo has brought that spark of hope back for many of us, and I will be forever grateful for that. As for me, I never gave up hope. I kept trying to convince my peers that there would always be hope as long as we never gave up on out islands, but many of them didn't see that hope until Angelo came into the picture and showed us all what was possible with hard work, dedication, and a little bit of faith."
-- Kelvin Rodeo, future leader

"Can we all agree that Angelo Villagomez is a deplorable, self-centered, self-absorbed, egotistical, hate mongering, ignorant, insecure, piece of crap with very limited brain power and little to no social skills and that the community should pity him rather than hate him?"
-- Glen Hunter, previously anonymous blogger

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