Wednesday, February 16, 2005

6 days and counting...

I'm still working out the details of our intinerary, but it looks like we are leaving on Tuesday morning and driving the 250 miles to Miami. My interview is at 1 PM, so we are going to leave Orlando around 6 AM. Seven hours is plenty of time.

Check in at the hotel is at 3 PM and Emily interviews at 5 PM.

The hotel is in South Beach and the consulate is in downtown Miami, so I'm a little worried that if we try to check in to the hotel between interviews that we'll get stuck in traffic on the way back to Emily's interview.

If you miss your interview you can't reschedule.

Maybe I could go check into the hotel and leave Emily near the consulate. We'll see. Maybe the hotel will let us check in early. Then we could drive over right after my interview, which I expect will only last about 20 minutes.

So anyways, the name of the hotel is Haddon Hall Hotel South Beach. It is supposedly right in the middle of everything, but we shall see. I opted for the hotel on South Beach so that we wouldn't have to worry about parking the car when we go out Tuesday night and when we go to the beach Wednesday morning. The other option was getting a room close to the consulate.

I already charged the room to my card. It was $114. Let's just say that I'm really 'interested' to see what this place is like. $114 for a room on South Beach sounds dirt cheap to me. I hope we didn't book a room in a roach motel.

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