Monday, February 28, 2005

The application process is over

I'm doing a lot of blogging today. This is my third post in as many hours.


I just realized that the application process is now over. There is nothing more that I can do to help make my chances of being accepted any better. That's a bitter pill to have to swallow. The application process is over. This blog is now going to have to switch gears somewhat.

If I am not accepted, this blog will fade into obscurity. Bummer.

If I am accepted, this blog will go through several evolutions over the next few months. Starting April 4th (assuming I am accepted) this will be a blog about how to prepare for a year long journey to the land of the rising sun (Japan). I will write about my correspondence with the person I am replacing and with my new co-workers. I will write about getting my life in order to leave the United States. I will sell my car and my furniture. I will have to get rid of a lot of my belongings. I will have to get storage.

It also crossed my mind that it is very possible that I might be accepted to JET and that Emily might not get in. The opposite scenario is possible as well. That may lead this blog to take a different path. It will chronicle our attempts to get to Japan via another program.

Assuming things do go according to plan, then some time around July or August this blog will morph into a blog about moving to, working, and living in Japan. That is only six months away. I am still in disbelief. I could be in an airplane in six months flying to Japan. That's crazy.

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