Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I got wait listed

Dear Mr. Angelo V.

This e-mail is to inform you that you have been selected as an alternate ALT short-list candidate for the 2005 JET Program.

You will be informed as to whether a candidacy on the short-list has become available by the end of September and upon receiving confirmation if you, at that stage, still wish to participate on the Program, placement will proceed. After a contracting organization has been selected, you will be informed of the name of the prefecture or designated city to which you are assigned. Every effort will be made to satisfy your posting preferences. However, please understand that this will not always be possible. If you do not hear anything from the JET Program Office by the end of September this means that a short-list candidacy position did not become available.

Disappointment ensues and the waiting continues. This really makes things difficult. I might or I might not get into JET now. Emily assures me that I will, but I am not as optimistic. I am going to call the consulate during business hours today to see what number I am on the list of alternates. I'm hoping that I'm in the top 10. If I am number 57 out of 60 I think I might die.

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d said...

Hang in there... or just plan to go on your own, and get a job there. Love you.