Saturday, April 16, 2005

When will the waiting end?

The paper work to accept the JET position is due this Friday (6 days from now). That means that I could get an email as early as next Monday informing me of my acceptance into JET. Keep those fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

don't be so obsessive or set yourself up for dissappointment... try forgetting about it for a while so when and if it actually does come, it would be a pleasant surprise.

Anonymous said...

I agree witht he last comment. if you are going to hound the ,mailbox between now and the end of August, you'll create a very miserable life for yourself. Hopefuly you'll be upgraded ASAP., but in the even you're not, you really need ot just relax and let everyday life carry on. i realise that is goign to be super hard since EMily is off to Japan for def, but really. you need to start planning other career paths, or continuing as you are without relying on JET so much.

Just forget it, you're an alternate, unless someone drops out, there is nothing you can do, get on with your life and accept what comes your way or you'll end up really depressing yourself