Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Optimistic, I am not

I don't think I'll be getting into JET. Emily leaves the country in six weeks and I still haven't heard anything. The chances of my getting in seem very slim and the possibility of being placed close to her seem even slimmer.

I have been working two jobs since April, so while I have been able to save some money, buy some new clothes, and get $2500 worth of dental work done, I have not had the chance to research alternate employment options in Japan.

Emily wants me to buy a one way plane ticket, move in with her, and look for work once I get over there (although I don't speak the language).

Depression is beginning to set in. I wish JET would just give me a yes, no, or maybe answer. They won'te tell me anything. Frustrating can't even begin to describe how I feel, but it would be a good start.


Anonymous said...

Tons of people hop a plane and hook up with JETs, nova peeps etc. and find private work. I can think of four couples off the top of my head here who work things that way. unless she's out in the absolute middle of nowhere, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to support yourself just fine, even by private students, aeon, nova, etc. especially if the relationship is serious...dumb to throw away a chance of continuing that while seeing some of Japan. there are many opportunities for native english speakers. It's easier to apply from Japan, but check out anyway. For cripe's sake, don't attempt a'll be so much more miserable, trust me


Canty said...

yeah - don't give up, man.

I failed to get on JET this year, but have just secured a job working directly for the board of education in Nagano. There are other ways to get to japan if really want to.