Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Emily leaves in 11 days

Being a JET Alternate is torture.

On August 4, it will have been 4 months since I was put on the Alternate list.

On July 22, it will have been 5 months since I interviewed.


This really is torture. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, the Miami Consulate policy of not letting the applicants know where they are on the list, for lack of a better word, SUCKS. I'm not going to pretend to understand the thought process behind their reasoning, but on this end I can tell you that it is very stressful. I emailed them a few days back and they told me that they couldn't tell me anything. They also told me that I would be notified when the upgrades end and when the application process for next year begins. It will be sometime in September.


This whole Japan thing hasn't really turned out the way that Emily and I expected. We figured we'd be in the same prefecture, if not the same city, or school. I guess not. The best placement I could hope for now would be on the same island...if I'm lucky.

Where's a vial of Felix Felicis when you need it?

In the meantime, I work on my career in America. I have a great job where I work with people that I like and do things that I would probably do without pay (don't tell any of the higher ups that).

The lease on my apartment ends at the end of this month. I have to pack up all of my stuff in the next week. Then I will be accompany Emily to Miami on the 28th and drive back up to Orlando after her plane takes off on the 30th. That gives me one day to move out the rest of my belongings and clean up the apartment before turning in the keys.

I really don't have that much stuff. I am going to put most of it in storage and take only the bare essentials to the room that I will be renting in downtown Orlando. I am friends with the owners of the house and I've told them about my plans with JET, so they have no problem with me leaving on short notice.

So basically, even though I don't expect to get upgraded, I am setting myself up for an easy departure should I get upgraded. I guess that is the best I can do, right?

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tetricus said...

I guess so... I have been doing temporary living situations since freshmen year of college. It wears you out. I hope it all works out.