Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween in Orlando

Kevin, Catie and I carved three pumpkins yesterday. They cleaned out the insides and drew the faces and I did the actual carving. I'll let you guess which pumpkin I drew.

I can do more than carve pumpkins, too. I also made some cookies and used colored frosting to decorate them. I am going to make a wonderful House Husband some day. Anybody looking for a boy toy?

Emily came to the party!

Darth Vader used the Force!

Maranda McGonagall cast a spell!

That's an interesting family.

Angelo and Emily ('s really Cate)

Valerie Plame:

Chick Magnet:

Lil' Juanita:

Shock 'Em!

Marilyn and Valerie:

I love how Jenny's idea of a costume is to borrow and wear my clothes and pass them off as cowgirl costume:

Nancy the Biker flashing the shocker:

George W. Bush and another biker:

Downtown Orlando Halloween Pics:

George W. Bush soliciting pictures with Rollins girls:

Drunk girl:

Minutes before passing out in the middle of Downtown Orlando, this poor girl was all over the dance floor with her drunk friend. They were doing the drunk dance. That's the one where you slobber all over your drunk girlfriend and then fall down drunk every minute or two, trying to flash your panties as often as possible. You get extra points if your boobs fall out, like this drunk's friend.


Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is bad for your emotional and physical health. Drinking a little alcohol is OK and is actually usually encouraged in our society. Just don't over do it.

Derek Drunk:

Derek REALLY Drunk:

George W. Bush carved a Shock 'Em Pumpkin and left it on the Public Defender's front porch.

"I'm George W. Bush, and I endorse the SHOCKER!!!"

I thought George W Bush stopped drinking?

Heh, heh, heh (notice Wendy and Jenny in the background):

George W. Bush is a Cowboy:

George W. Bush is the King of Crunk:

An environmentalist-surfer-boxer takes a shot at George W. Bush:

Jesus Blessing George W. Bush:

Rollins College....ahhhhhh, Rollins College. I graduated two years ago and it is amazing how some things never change. The individual girls might change, but for some reason they all still look the same.

The following pictures are of George W. Bush and random Rollins College girls at a party on Pine Street in Downtown Orlando on Halloween:

This is what Jenny had to say about this picture:
"What is Emily going to say when she sees that picture? Those were the two
sexiest girls I've ever seen!"

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