Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy Birthday to me

I really enjoyed my 27th birthday. It was one of my favorites.

I spent about 3 hours with my family in Winter Park. We had dinner together and my younger brother Kevin created a scavenger hunt for me to find my presents. His clues were a little difficult; it took me a while to find that last present.

My gifts were fantastic. I got exactly what I wanted. My family gave me an old time Red Sox jersey and a matching hat. It is grey. Kevin said it matched my hair. I'll have to remember to make a similar smart ass comment when he turns 27 (in 19 years). My family also gave me some rechargable batteries and a battery charger. This might sound like a really lame present to most people, but I take a lot of pictures with my digital camera and I burn through a lot of batteries. I won't have that problem any more. Thank you so much, Kevin, Catie, Mom, and Jim.

After the party at Mom's house I went home expecting to watch LOST and then go to bed. I watched LOST, but when I finished I got a call from Stephanie from ACORN and she informed me that she was on her way to pick me up to take me out for my birthday.

Thank God I drank a cup of coffee at Mom's house.

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