Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Emily had to work today. It was her first day of work since I arrived on Saturday night. I helped her get out the door this morning by making her coffee and breakfast. I also walked her to the train station. I think she likes having a house boy.

I am going to meet her at the train station tonight at 4:50 PM. As soon as she gets home we are going to have Thanksgiving dinner, albeit Japanese style. I'm still not completely sure how everything is going to turn out, but I'll be sure to let all of my readers (both of you) know how it went.

When I was buying the groceries earlier today it felt for the first time that I was definately in a foreign country. Without someone by my side talking with a steady stream of English it became much more appartent that I am definately in the minority.

I talked a little about the small things that I am going to have to learn ONE by ONE in my last post. I picked up another little lesson while at the grocery store.

When I finished paying for my purchases, the lady at the register put a plastic bag into my shopping basket, bowed, said "arigato gozaimasita," and then turned to help the next customer.

For half a second I was a little confused. Who was going to put my groceries in the bag? Well, I quickly figured out that I WAS.

Just past each cash register is a little packing table. I guess you are supposed to get out of the way and pack up your groceries on your own. So I did.

I wonder what I'll learn tomorrow.


tetricus said...

There's this store in Bolingbrook, Illinois where they have a register with conveyer belts on either side of it. Behind the register there's two different belts that are divided by a rutter like device. I was checking out and I noticed my groceries lining up at the end of this belt. I expected someone to get down there and start bagging. The next thing i knew, I had paid and the chasier flipped the rutter and started ending groceries down the belt next to mine.

Emily said...

HAHA! I'm having to constantly remind myself that all these weird new things are, well, NEW to you. Since you're always the one teaching me new stuff, it's strange to find that I'm apparently the "expert" on Japan now. Especially when I remember that it took me like two months to get used to bagging my own groceries. And I never know what to do with the basket. Do you hand them the food IN the basket to ring up? Or do you take it out of the basket and put it on the counter? But when I do that, they pick it up and put it right back in a basket, and then you have an extra basket to deal with.

I guess I'm still confused. Even after four months.