Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Kenroku Gardens

Emily and Angelo took a day trip to Kanazawa today. Angelo is exhausted and doesn't feel like typing a whole post right now. He'll probably wake up at 4 AM (again) and do it. Thanks, JET lag!

Angelo would also like to extend an invitation to Emily to write a post about our exciting day in Kanazawa on THIS blog. He's probably going to have a gibson martini and fall asleep, and he would be delighted to wake up and find that his beautiful girlfriend (who he would like to remind he crossed the globe to be with) wrote the post for him.

In the meantime, this is what AUTUMN in my little part of the world is like:


tetricus said...

What are those things above the trees?

Dos said...

Great pics!!

Brick's Mom, Anne-Marie said...

Hey Angelo! I've been stalking your blog for months now, but I had to write and say those pictures are fantastic. That new camera of yours was definitely worth the investment. Sounds like you're loving Japan.