Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Yesterday was FANTASTIC!!!

We went deep sea fishing with my Dad's friend Cal Reyes from 8 AM - 3 PM. We were actually only actively trolling for about 3 hours and you'll never believe how many fish we caught: ZERO!!! We didn't catch a damn one! We did, however, get to go out into the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a small fishing boat for an entire morning! Alright, so it wasn't exactly the middle of the ocean since we could still see Saipan the whole time, but it was definately the best thing I have done since I've been back.

Did I mention that Emily was there? Believe it or not, Emily "I'm a Princess" G&%#@*%went DEEP SEA FISHING and enjoyed every minute of it. Her family in Sarasota and Maine won't recognize their little girl when she eventually decides to go home.

We went to Managaha Island after Cal finally decided we weren't going to catch anything (it is not a good time of year for fishing).

Managaha is the most beautiful beach on Saipan. It is a little island inside of the lagoon and has beaches that you usually see on Corona beer commerials. If you look back towards Saipan you can see all of the hotels and other buildings and if you look towards the Pacific Ocean you see nothing but open water and waves crashing on the edge of the reef.

We were really lucky that Cal was willing to take us to Managaha. You usually have to take a really slow ferry. Cal also offered to lend us his pickup truck for the remainder of our stay in Saipan. I've always known that Cal was a great guy. Now he is a great guy AND my new favorite person on Saipan.

I mentioned to Cal that I'm trying to convince my brothers to go to Forbidden Island on Saturday and I asked him if he would be interested in coming along. He said he was interested, but would have to check his schedule. I'm going to give him a call on Friday to see if he can make it. I hope he can come.

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