Monday, December 12, 2005

Fun Times are Here

We had a great first day in Saipan. After leaving the Internet cafe at 4 AM, we drove up to the top of Mt. Tapachou and tried to watch the sunrise. I say tried to watch because we were stuck in the middle of a cloud and couldn't see very much. Oh well, it was fun being up there in the dark waiting for the light.

When we got back to the house I introduced everyone to Emily. Alex gave her a big hug after not seeing her for five months. She didn't meet Solomon until later because he was still sleeping and Memong ran out the back door as soon as she arrived. I think he is too shy to talk to her. He was still hiding from her when he got back from school later in the afternoon.

I don't think they've been introduced yet. It's pretty funny.

We went swimming at the Grotto in the afternoon. It was just like a remembered it, warm dark blue waters about 40-60 feet deep. The tide was coming in, so the water was pretty rough. We stayed in the middle of the pool of water and stayed away from the edges. People have been known to be sucked under the water and out through the underwater caves to the ocean on the other side. Those people usually die. We didn't want to be like those people.

After the Grotto we drove to Banzai Cliff and Bird Island to take some pictures.

When we got back to the house Emily and I took showers, while Alex got ready to go octopus hunting at Obyan Beach. He claimed he was doing it for the rosary; I think he was doing it because he enjoys it. Maybe it's both.

The rosary starts in about an hour, so we'll be heading back soon. Tomorrow we have plans to go swimming at Obyan Beach. Should be fun.

I'll post pictures if I can. I know I've posted a few, but the connection isn't very good and my pictures are very large, so it takes a long time to upload them. I may have to do a mass upload when I get back to Takaoka.


tetricus said...

Lookin Good :) Get married there so I have a good reason to go island hopping!

Greg in the Philippines said...

Ah, I love those photos....they remind me of visiting Saipan when I used to live on Guam. I miss the islands!