Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Birthday!!!

This blog turns a year old today...
...and what a year it has been.

When I started this blog I did not expect to be sitting in an Internet cafe in Saipan exactly one year later. Life is sure full of surprises, isn't it?

The anniversary of this blog also coincides very closely with the beginning of a new year. What a great opportunity to reflect on the last year.

So here it is, Angelo's reflections on 2005 in one paragraph or less per month:

January: I'm unemployed! Spent the month looking for a job, feeling sorry for myself, and google bombing (successfully, I might add) my former employer. I get hired by Roy's Orlando and begin my training at the end of the month. I spend the whole month worrying about our JET applications, only to find out that we both landed interviews.

February: Jet interviews! Holy crap! Emily and I spend a night in Miami after our interviews. They tell us that we will have to wait until April to find out if we get in.

March: Still working at Roy's.

April: Emily gets into JET and I get wait listed (Alternate List). I also agree to go to work with the League of Conservation Voters on a part time basis.

May: Busy, busy, busy, between Roy's at night and LCV during the day. Emily also graduates from Rollins College with a GPA identical to mine. I spend the whole month hoping to get upgraded by JET.

June: I quit Roy's so that I can go full time with LCV. I spend the whole month hoping to get upgraded by JET.

July: Emily and I take turns driving between Orlando and Sarasota to see each other. I'm busy with my work at LCV. She leaves for Japan at the end of the month after we spend a weekend in Miami.

August: LCV stuff. I spend the whole month hoping to get upgraded by JET.

September: LCV stuff. I spend the whole month hoping to get upgraded by JET.

October: I finally get the notice that I wasn't upgraded. I buy a ticket to Japan that leaves in November. I inform LCV of my imminent departure and begin preparations to cross the globe, even though I don't have a job waiting for me.

November: My last day with LCV is the 15th and I fly out on the 18th. I spend 12 wide-eyed days (no pun intended) in Japan.

December: I find out on the first day of the month that my father died the previous evening. My brother breaks the news while talking with me over instant messenger video chat. I meet Alex in Tokyo and then fly to Saipan where I spend the month with my brothers and stepmother praying and reminiscing about the good old days. I fly back to Japan on New Year's Eve.

I'm sure that a few more things happened during the last year, but you wouldn't be interested in hearing about them.

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