Sunday, January 08, 2006

Octopus Kelaguen

This is the last thing I ever heard from my father:

Squeeze out 4 lemons into a bowl. Add twice as much soy sauce or keep tasting it until the mix is neither too sour nor too salty. Add a little red hot pepper or tobasco, if that's all you have, to make it a little hot. Add garlic powder. Cut up the octopus and mix them together. Let it sit for about an hour to let the octopus soak up the juice.

You can do the same with fresh fish or half cooked chicken or beef to make fish, chicken, or beef kelaguen.

We mailed you your Nintendo game a while ago. Did you get it?I will be departing for my canoe trip tomorrow morning. I will be back around the 15th of April. Enjoy the kelaguen.

He wrote me this email the night before he left for the traditional canoe trip which ended up causing him to fall ill, which led to a heart attack and, ultimately, death.

I honored him last night by making a bucket load of octopus kelaguen using some of the hot pepper found around his new castle at Obyan and octopus purchased at SATY for 400 Yen/tentacle. We washed it down with cold Asahi.

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