Sunday, January 29, 2006

Yesterday in Pictures

This is Toyama Castle. Just like Kanazawa Castle (and every other building built in Japan before 1945), the castle was rebuilt after it was burned (or bombed) to the ground. The most amazing aspect of this picture is the blue sky...the first one of the year.

This one is for Mom (if you don't know my Mom, I'll give you one try to guess her name). The literal translation of this restaurant is "Which Bistro?" I don't know why there is a dog.

When I was taking this picture of a bike in front of a shop, the shopkeeper ran out and exclaimed in perfect English, "this is my bike!" When I told her that I liked her sticker, she said, "yes, no war."

Yet another view from the roof of Daiwa. Notice how there are hardly any tall buildings. The tallest building in Toyama might have fifteen stories....and there's half a million people that live here.

There is a market on the top floor of the Daiwa in Toyama. If you are Japanese, it probably smells delicious; if you are American, well, it definitely smells kind of, um, Japanese.

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